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  • 05Май

    Подглядел я эту новость тут у Алессандро.

    Планируется выпустить в этом году. Когда именно не известно.

    Список того что будет.

    Переводить не буду, даю как есть, вроде и так все понятно. Самое, наверное вкусное чего так многие ждали так это Support for USB pass-through.

    • Storage I/O can be shaped by I/O shares and limits through the new Storage I/O Control quality of service (QoS) feature
    • Network I/O can be partitioned through a new QoS engine that distinguish between virtual machines, vMotion, Fault Tolerance (FT) and IP storage traffic.
    • Memory compression will allow to compress RAM pages instead of swapping on disk, improving virtual machines performance.
    • Distribute Resource Scheduling (DRS) now can follow affinity rules defining a subset of hosts where a virtual machine can be placed
    • Virtual sockets can now have multiple virtual CPUs. Each virtual CPU will appear as a single core in the guest operating system.
    • A team physical network interface cards in a vNetwork Distributed Switch can now dynamically load balance traffic.
    • Health check status and operational dashboard are available for HA configurations.
    • vSphere Client is no more part of the ESX and ESXi installation packages. At the end of the installation process administrators are redirected online to download the client.
    • ESXi installation can be scripted. The script can start from a CD or over a PXE boot source, and can install the hypervisor on local or remote disks.
    • ESX can boot from iSCSI targets (support for iBFT)
    • NFS performance stats are included in esxtop and vCenter Server, as well as through the vSphere SDK.
    • Virtual machines serial ports redirection over the network
    • Support for up to 4 vMotion concurrent live migrations in 1GbE networks and up to 8 concurrent live migrations in 10GbE networks
    • Support for USB pass-through (virtual machines can use ESX/ESXi local USB devices)
    • Support for administrator password change in Host Profiles
    • Support for FT in DRS clusters with with Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC)
    • Support for iSCSI TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) network interface cards (both 10GB an 1GB)
    • Support for 8GB Fibre Chanell HBAs
    • Support for IPsec on IPv6 network configurations
    • Support for multiple Data Recovery virtual appliances
    • Support for Microsoft Volume Shadow Service (VSS) in Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 guest operating systems for vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP)
    • Update Manager (VUM) can now patch additional 3rd party modules for ESX (like EMC PowerPath)
    • Virtual to Virtual (V2) migration for offline Hyper-V virtual machines in vCenter Converter
    • ESX and ESXi direct support for Microsoft Active Directory through Likewise technology integration
    • Support for Intel Xeon 7500 / 5600 / 3600 CPU series (this includes EVC support)
    • Support for AMD Opteron 4000 / 6000 CPU series (this includes EVC support)

    Так что ждемс.

    Автор Михаил Коротько в 10:30


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  • VMware vSphere 4.1 пишет:

    […] Читать дальше (источник): VMware vSphere 4.1 […]

  • Еркебулан пишет:

    интересно, планирует ли VMware добавить кнопочку для ограничения скорости ЦП (например, максимум 800MHz)?

  • Еркебулан пишет:

    Еркебулан :
    интересно, планирует ли VMware добавить кнопочку для ограничения скорости ЦП (например, максимум 800MHz)?

    т.е. чтобы виртуальной машине могло быть выделено не только ограниченное количество ЦП, но и её скорость

  • Михаил Коротько пишет:

    Вообще то это уже есть. Вкладка Resourse Allocation в vSphere клиенте, то там как раз каждой ВМ можно назначить лимит мегагагерцов.

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